Distribute steps

This tool can help you to create stairs based on lines in 3dsmax

RM Resource Collector

Use this tool to collect resources from a 3dsmax scene.

The making of Dinner for few

Know how was made this great short film from talented Nassos Vakalis who currently works at Dreamworks.

Set up background on 3dsmax

This tool will make easier to set up a background image on 3dsmax.

3dsmax 2016 Extension 1

Take a look to the new features on 3dsmax 2016.

Section tool

With this tool you can create sections on an object, at a defined distance or a fixed number of sections.

Choosing the right computer for 3D

Learn what part of the computer is the one that you need to improve the perfromance on 3d aplications

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Email: danielkenobi3d@gmail.com
Country: Mexico
City: Zapopan
State: Jalisco
Idioma Español
Miembro desde: 2014-05-30
Intereses y habilidades:
  • Modelado de props
  • Matte Painting
Software Preferido:
  • 3dsmax
  • Mudbox

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