Distribute steps

This tool can help you to create stairs based on lines in 3dsmax

RM Resource Collector

Use this tool to collect resources from a 3dsmax scene.

The making of Dinner for few

Know how was made this great short film from talented Nassos Vakalis who currently works at Dreamworks.

Set up background on 3dsmax

This tool will make easier to set up a background image on 3dsmax.

3dsmax 2016 Extension 1

Take a look to the new features on 3dsmax 2016.

Section tool

With this tool you can create sections on an object, at a defined distance or a fixed number of sections.

Choosing the right computer for 3D

Learn what part of the computer is the one that you need to improve the perfromance on 3d aplications

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V-Ray 3 Service Pack 1

This Service Pack was release on december 10, 2014, the improvements that V-Ray show on this Service pack are:

2X faster renders with embree for all who has an Intel processor.

GGX BRDF on V-RayMtl wich allows to have a higher contrast in highlights, the material also supports the Burn Highlights option on the V-Ray Frame Bufer, so you can color correct from 3dsmax, this will help you to gain realism on your images.

New V-Ray object called V-Ray instancer, it accepts multiple objects as input and as output can place the objects on one or multiple particles systems, this will improve the memory handling for positioning multiple objects, like trees on a forest or stones on a field.

New opacity modes on V-RayMtl now you have 3 different choices for opacity, Normal, Stochastic, and clip, in complex opacities like tree leafs, changing from a normal to stochastic mode can reduce rende rimes drastically.

Two side Material Improved, with a new option called multiply by front diffuse, can simulate translucency on material.

New option on V-Ray Multi sub Text with 5 new random modes ("Random by node Handle" ,"Random by Render ID" , "Random by Name" , "Random by Particle ID" , "Random by Instance ID")

Identical proxies automatically get instanced, in case that you miss it, V-Ray will automatically instance the proxies so it will optimize memory usage on render.

Custom default preset for all your new scenes.

VRFB updated with new options like use Background Image.

Support for Subsurface Scattering Shader on V-Ray RT, now you can use your GPU to get faster renders of SSS materials like skin, wax or any material that light penetrates.

V-Ray Clipper improved

V-RayScatterVolumeMtl improved.

Ornatrix Support in V-Ray RT, finally a hair solution that gets supported by GPU Render

Light Cache implemented on V-Ray RT

This new release contains great improvements in render times, and in workflow possibilities, you can now download it from Chaos Group webpage!

You can watch the official video here.


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